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Specialty Windows

From smooth curves to modern angles, Pella of Decatur gives you an almost unending amount of design possibilities to fashion a personalized look. Specialty window styles add distinctiveness and sophistication to your vision. And, they feature distinctive hardware inspired by fine homes everywhere.

Specialty windows in the Pella® Architect Series® ReserveTM line are available in a number of exterior colors and wood finishes with various grille patterns for Decatur-area homeowners.

 Cabin with Pella speciality windows

Specialty Casement Windows


French Casement Window

French casement windows come with two sashes that crank open for dual ventilation and can give you a wide-open view. Our foldaway casement cranks have the ability to stay clear of roomside window treatments, and both sashes firmly lock with a lone handle.

Push-Out Casement Windows

Push-out casement windows open with a turn of a handle and a gentle push. Our traditional-style, push-out casement windows feature wide, wood sash frames and historical stays that hold windows open wide. The contemporary version is created with a narrower frame to accompany the style of the other windows styles.

Push-Out French Casement Windows

Push-out French casement windows come with dual sashes that swing open from its midpoint with a soft push and offer an unobstructed view. They're made with matching handles; traditional wide, wood sash frames; and historical stays that hold them in place while open.

In-Swing Casement Windows

In-swing casement windows open inward, instead of outward. All you have to do is turn the handle and pull. They’re ideal for areas where a swing-out sash can get in the way, such as above a flower box.

In-Swing French Casement Windows

In-swing French casement windows are made with dual sashes that swing inward. Unlike standard two-wide casement windows, these windows give an unobstructed view.

Tilt-Turn Window

With European styling, tilt-turn windows offer dual functionality. The sash opens on two sides for additional airflow. The handle can be moved 90 degrees to tilt the window inward for the most breeze. A 180-degree turn of the handle tilts the sash inside to vent from the top.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are like awning windows, but they vent at the top and open inward, instead of outward. Hopper windows are normally placed over doors and other windows to allow for additional light and ventilation.

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