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Your Backyard View: Replacement Windows

Your Backyard View: Replacement Windows

Homeowners work endlessly until their happy with their home’s curb appeal, whether it’s with replacement windows or a new entry door. Once that is finished, it is time to give some TLC to one of the parts you utilize the most: the backyard. Just because the neighbor walking their dog and the soccer mom driving by don’t see your backyard doesn’t mean it shouldn’t include your own personal style.

The backyard is where you watch your children play, host grill-outs with your neighbors and enjoy a few moments as the summer sun goes down. With the amount of quality time this space gives, you should design it to meet your style and needs, both with décor and your windows and doors.

Windows and doors that open up to the backyard give you various perks, like providing additional ventilation and natural light into your home – as well as a great view of your backyard. When replacing windows in the back of your house, make sure to think through the number of styles of replacement windows available, and how these options can help meet all of your individual design needs.

For windows that open up to your deck or patio, ponder an in-swing casement or single-hung window to prevent crowding your outdoor living space. Or, for windows that are on the top floor of your home, consider double-hung windows whose sashes (the part of the window that holds the glass) can be tilted to the interior of your home, allowing you to clean the exterior of your windows with ease. Pella’s sliding windows are a breeze to open and close when you need to, which allows people to talk with each other from outside. This is also an efficient way for parents to keep an eye on their children playing out back with a quick glance out any window.

There are various ways beyond windows and doors to enhance your outdoor living space. Consider adding your own personal flair to your backyard through lighting and flowers. A simple way to transform your backyard is to add a little light. Whether you buy tall torches, lit up mason jars or dainty string lights, you have the chance to stay outside once the sun goes down with the help of an aesthetically alluring touch. An addition of flickering lights wrapped around trees, traced around your windows, lining a brick walkway or weaved between the deck gives a personal touch to your backyard.

Flowers, a basic touch that can transform your backyard. You can’t go wrong with the fantastic smells, appealing colors and the simplicity of various flowers. Dress up your new replacement window with a simple window box of flowers, or plant some blooms along your wooden fence. There are flower combinations to fit nearly every homeowner’s personality whether your backyard theme is romantic, natural or traditional. If you don’t typically have a preference for color, shrubs and trees also dress up any landscape in a fancy way. With endless landscaping possibilities, it is simple to make your backyard a unique and individual space through your own special flower preferences.

Our professionals strive to guide homeowners in all aspects of making your home visually appealing. Whether it’s replacement windows or doors we are here to help you and make your home dreams come true from the front, inside and back of your home. For more insight from our Pella experts, call us at 217-423-7722, schedule an appointment online, or come visit our showroom in Decatur.

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