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Severe Weather and Your Windows and Doors

Severe Weather and Your Windows and Doors

No matter where you live in the U.S., you probably experience some type of extreme weather. From snowstorms to hurricanes, we encounter many types of extreme weather. And when it does strike, it’s encouraging to curl up in your cozy home and wait out the weather knowing your windows and doors are protecting your home from the elements.

Ensure your home is prepared with great planning and protection, giving special attention to your windows and doors and their installation so your home is ready for bad weather.

Here are a couple easy tips:

  • Ensure a quality installation – A quality installation gives you the intended structural integrity and best water management during weather events.

  • Look in to hurricane impact windows and doors – Hurricane impact windows provide added protection to your home from things that might get tossed about in a storm.

  • Check seals – Every window and door has them, but depending on the age and location of your home, it is in good practice to double check the seals that help manage water away from your home during severe weather.

  • Clear the area around your home One of the best things you can do to guard your home is being sure that the surrounding area is clear of debris and low hanging branches that have the chance to crash into your windows and doors. 
If you’re prepped to upgrade or replace your windows or doors, come by our Decatur showroom to learn more about the variety of styles and types of window replacement available, or some of our impact protected offerings, as well as our excellent installation. Or if you’d rather give us a call at 217-423-7722 or set up an in-home consultation using our online scheduler.

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